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Few Words About Us

It all began in a telephone call (as the world was locked in isolation) in March 2020 when the worldwide pandemic hit Lanzarote. A lot of disadvantaged people on the Island of Lanzarote had been left with no income and no way to buy the most basic of life’s necessities including food and water. These people were lost in an over bureaucratic and slow government support system. David Timmons and Joey Bracken (two entertainers based in Lanzarote) decided to do something amazing……

They knew they wanted to do something as they could not just sit back and watch literally thousands of families starve. They also knew about a local voluntary emergency service on the island who were helping families with everything from emergency medical help to delivering much needed food to hungry families (some of whom had not eaten in days).

It became evident early on they needed a bit of help from friends to get the idea started and asked Geraldine Mc Faddon (a local entrepreneur) for logistic and publicity help and she jumped at the chance. Graham Bowman (another local business owner) decided he wanted to help with both logistics and organisation in order to start the ball rolling on the record breaking Lanzarote Musicians Unite Virtual Concert. PR was the next issue and Susana Fondón stepped up and offered her services. Lastly but nowhere near least Amado Vizcaino, a local respected politician and business owner organised the meetings with local television and Emerlan which completed the founding member collaboration of Lanzarote Musicians Unite.

The rest, as they say is history…….

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Meet Our Founder Members

Our founder members are volunteers who have put their time, skills and contacts forward to help others in Lanzarote. They all have one thing in common, the will and determination to make others lives better. Together with our regular volunteers they strive to help in the face of adversity.

Amado Vizcaino
Amado Vizcaino

Founding Member

Amado is a local business owner, local politician and also a campaigner for Lanzarote. His help has been invaluable to the collaboration.

susana fondon

Founding Member

Susana is instrumental in the day to day running and PR for Lanzarote Musicians Unite.

david timmons founding member
David Timmons

Founding Member

David is one of the Founding Members and together with Joey Bracken came up with the original idea for Lanzarote Musicians Unite.

Joey Bracken
Joseph (Joey) Bracken

Founding Member

Joey is a talented musician based in Lanzarote and is one of 2 original founding members of Lanzarote Musicians Unite.

graham bowman
Graham Bowman

Founding Member

Graham is a local business owner who had been actively delivering food directly to needy families when the collaboration was formed.

geraldine mcfadden
Geraldine Mc Fadden

Founding Member

Geraldine is an entrepreneur on Lanzarote who has helped with promoting and organising the collaboration with her contacts.

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